CONTACT EMAIL: (spamming will be reported) Any inquiries can be sent to:  TRIALBYERRORMAMA@GMAIL.COM

All reviews are based on my own personal opinion of the product/services. This means if they’re good/bad reviews they’re that way because of my experience with them and not because I was paid to say so. A favorable review cannot be bought in anyway shape or form. Ever. I will ALWAYS state whether I paid for the product myself or if it was given to me to review either in the beginning or end of the review.

GUIDELINES FOR PRODUCT REVIEWS: If your product doesn’t fall in line with the things I would use for myself or my son I will not review it and you will be notified via email. The timeline for when the review of your product will be published will depend on how long it takes for me to receive the product/use it/write it/your approval to publish. Please take that into consideration. If you have a specific time for when you would like the review published please say so in your inquiry. If so, the product has to be in my possession no later than 14 days before the publish date. All products given for review must be full sized. Any product I receive for review will NOT be returned.

GIVEAWAY GUIDELINES: Products of giveaway contests are either personally bought myself or sponsored giveaways. I will always state which. Participants MUST be 18 or older or have parent written approval.


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