REVIEW: Earth Mama Angel Baby, Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Popping my post cherry with a product review of  Earth Mama Angel Baby‘s Angel Baby Bottom Balm! I ordered this before Lincoln arrived after reading some good reviews on their products. I ordered it through Amazon from a different seller and waited for it to come… it never did. Which leads to the first reason of why I like this product although I don’t know if this is a product policy or just the seller. It wasn’t shipped to me because the original batch wasn’t up to standards which although it took longer to receive I liked.

{{PRICE}} $12.95 for a 2 fl. oz. jar and $8.95 for a 1 fl. oz. jar.

“Your new angel’s skin – is anything softer? Is anything sweeter? Hey! What’s that crud, and that rash, and those scrapes? Being a baby is a hard business, from diaper rash to tiny fingernail scratches, and then bangs and scrapes galore as they begin to explore. Clinically tested Angel Baby® Bottom Balm has got her back, his bottom, mama’s dry skin, papa’s razor burn and gazillions of other owies that come your family’s way.
Earth Mama’s #1 best selling salve is clinically tested, safe for cloth diapers, and safely battles existing diaper rash and protects against flare ups. The only balm made with organic olive oil infused with a proprietary blend of naturally antibacterial and antifungal organic herbs, shea butter and pure essential oils, soothes thrush, itchy bug bites, scrapes, chicken pox, minor rashes, and burns.
Allergy tested, non-irritating Angel Baby Bottom Balm is vegan (no beeswax!), smooth and soothing, and works especially well with all kinds of cloth diapers. Check out what the cloth diaper experts say: Here!
While any cream, balm or lotion can stain if you slather too much on, the optimal amount of Angel Baby Bottom Balm is a light coating – just enough to deliver all the herbal goodness to your baby’s skin, but not too much to leave a residue. You shouldn’t be able to write your name in the balm on your baby’s bum!”

Angel Baby Bottom Balm

{{LIKES}} So far Lincoln hasn’t had a diaper rash *knock on wood* so I can’t speak on how effective it works on that but his bum has gotten irritated and red. When I used the balm right after noticing the redness and by the next diaper change the redness is gone.

Multi-purpose. Lincoln’s chin was chapped due to the cold weather and frequent paci use. Lotions didn’t work and I didn’t want Vaseline all over the place so I tried this balm on it. I only applied it twice on two separate days and it cleared it right up. Also, it went into his skin very well so there wasn’t stains/residue on his clothes or me. It also worked well on my knee when it was incredibly itchy!

Goes on smooth. It’s very easy to apply and a little goes a long way. When I saw how small the jar was I was scared that I was getting jipped but now I can see that it will take quite a bit to use it all up. Because of all the natural oils this stuff melts on your finger and glides on baby’s sensitive skin.

It smells heavenly (at least to me!)

{{DISLIKES}} So far I have no qualms with this balm. As I said earlier I haven’t gotten a chance to test it out on diaper rashes but I’ll add to this as I find any dislikes.

DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased by myself and was not given to me for review nor was I paid to review this product.


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